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Organizations History

The Council of Caribbean Organizations of Manitoba (CCOM) was established in 1981 to serve as a unified voice for the Caribbean community in Manitoba, Canada. The organization was founded by a group of individuals who recognized the need to promote Caribbean culture and address the unique challenges faced by Caribbean Canadians in the province of Manitoba.

Since its inception, CCOM has played a vital role in advancing the interests of the Caribbean community in Manitoba. The organization has worked to provide a wide range of services and support for its members, including educational workshops, cultural events, and community outreach. 

Over the years, CCOM has grown to become a prominent community organization in Manitoba, with a diverse membership representing various Caribbean countries and cultures. Today, CCOM continues to serve as a vital resource for the Caribbean community in Manitoba, helping to build bridges across cultures and promoting a deeper understanding of Caribbean culture and heritage.


Mission Statement

The Council of Caribbean Organizations of Manitoba Inc. is a non-profit umbrella organization of Caribbean interest groups, committed to addressing the communal needs and concerns of our members through cultural and educational activities and through discourses with the wider community, while having the highest regard for honesty, integrity and respect for each other and our fellow Manitobans.

We strive to build a strong network of organizations and individuals, foster collaboration, and provide support to enhance the well-being and success of our members. 

Through our programs, events, and initiatives, we aim to promote the diversity and rich heritage that the Caribbean has to offer and strengthen the bonds between the Caribbean community and the broader Manitoba society.

CCOM Executive Board and Committees

Board Members

President – Lance Brenna

Vice-President – Colleen Haley

Secretary – Jacklin Bispham


Caribbean Heritage Month

Folklorama – Caribbean Pavillion

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