Volunteer with CCOM

CCOM Volunteer Application Form
Make a positive impact in the community while getting to meet new people. CCOM offers a variety of volunteering opportunities for youths, young adults and seniors. Fill out the volunteer application form below to get started today!

Benefits of Volunteering

As a volunteer, you can work alongside members of the community, gain new skills and experiences, and make meaningful connections within the Caribbean community and beyond. 

By contributing your time and talents to CCOM, you can play a key role in building a more vibrant and prosperous community for all.

  • Meet new people in the community
  • Get mentored by others in areas of interest
  • Gain valuable experience for your resume
  • Help build a stronger community
  • Help bridge the gab between the young and the old
  • Make personal or business connections
  • Maintain social connections while making a difference
  • Share your knowledge with the community
  • Bring that magical touch and sprit that only comes with experience
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