Folklorama 2024
Caribbean Pavilion - Week 2
Sunday Aug. 11 – Saturday Aug. 17, 2024

Sun, sand, and seas are what often come to mind when you think of the Caribbean. 

Did you know the Caribbean also has a unique cuisine of its own? This cuisine embodies our culture – indigenous and international blend of spices, ingredients, and techniques brought together to create mouthwatering dishes, from Jerk Chicken to Saltfish Cakes, Roti to Jamaican Patties. 

Come savour the flavours! Sample some of what the Caribbean has to offer, quench your thirst with our signature punches, take in our limbo dancing, unwind with steel band music, and heat up the night with our late-night parties. Come discover the Spirit of the Caribbean!

Our Sponsors

Jamaica Tourism Board

Come Back to the Vibes That Comes Alive in Jamaica!

Welcome to Jamaica, where the vibrant energy and laid-back charm of our island will captivate you. Come explore the rhythmic pulse of our island and the irresistible vibes, warmth and spirit of our people that will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, a romantic escape, vibrant cultural encounters or breathtaking natural wonders, Jamaica has something for everyone. This is your invitation to experience the magic of Jamaica and come back to being your best self again.

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